viernes, agosto 13, 2010

Nothings66 (Japón) presenta :::

Sketches for Albinos. 'Days Of Being Wild And Kind'. CD.

Musica IDM / Ambiental claramente influenciada en artistas tales como Harold Budd y Robin Guthrie.

Lista de temas:

01. sorbonne midnight
02. daniel likes birds
03. red sky on fire
04. romy schneider
05. more dixieland and polka
06. lotta
07. anna karina
08. kids with no energy
09. a meeting at the merry-go-round
10. we live for spring
11. skeye
12. she's with snoban now
13. jol
14. she's with snoban now (Moskitoo Remix)
15. sorbonne midnight (Chihei Hatakeyama Remix)
16. a meeting at the merry-go-round (Federico Durand Remix)

Fecha de lanzamiento: 08/13/2010.

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