lunes, diciembre 14, 2009

WYNARDTAGE ."Walk with the Shadows" (2CD) ::

Luego de siete años de actividades, "Walk with the Shadows" sera el trabajo final de Wynardtage. El Album sera lanzado en Doble-Disco Compacto el cual contendra dos nuevos temas y una gran seleccion de remezclas elaboradas por bandas populares del genero, como lo son Grendel, Agonoize, Aesthetic Perfection, Leaether Strip, Din [A] Tod, L'ame Immortelle, Xotox, Painbastard, Miss Contruction, Future Trail, X-Fusion y mas!.

Lista de Temas::
Disco 1
01. Walk With The Shadows
02. Demons Right Behind You
03. The Cold Spell
04. Going Nowhere (Featuring Yendri)
05. (I Am Nothing) Like A Prostitute
06. Lords Of Darkness 2009
07. Blurred (Not Usual But Cool Remix By Agonoize)
08. Walk With The Shadows (Captive Of Society Remix)
09. Walk With The Shadows (Punto Omega Remix)
10. Walk With The Shadows (Fgfc820 Remix)
11. Demons Right Behind You (Grendel Remix)
12. Prostitute ([X]-Rx Remix)
13. Mask (Sleetgrout Remix)
14. Prostitute (Powernoised Remix By Xotox)
15. Peace Of Mind (Diskonnekted Remix)
16. The Cold Spell (Echorausch Remix)

Disco 2
01. The Grey Line (Future Trail Remix)
02. Cold (Featuring Future Trail)
03. With Or Without You
04. Sterbehilfe (Leaether Strip Remix)
05. The Frozen Point (Dismantled Remix)
06. Cold Massive Blue (Din [A] Tod Remix)
07. In The Cold I'm Sleeping (L'ame Immortelle Remix)
08. If There Is No Tomorrow (Die Braut Remix)
09. When We Are Gone (2009 Radio Airplay Remix By Painbastard)
10. I'm Not Your God (Miss Construction Remix)
11. Crash Of A Star (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
12. Praise The Fallen (X-Fusion Club Remix)
13. Tragic Hero (Esc Remix)
14. Against All Odds (Ginger Snap5 Remix)
15. I'm Not Your God (Stin Scatzor Remake)
16. Der Sturm

Fuente: COP International.

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